seo hero what is the wix seo hero challenge

This video,, can also be seen at Wix’s Very Own SEO Hero. The challenge was simple: we’d build a brand new wix website optimized for the search term "SEO Hero," and you were invited to do the same. If your brand new website (built on any platform) ranked highest on Google for the search term "SEO Hero" in four months time, you’d wins $50,000! *see terms and conditions here.Walid Gabteni explains how he was able to win the Wix SEO Here Challenge. I am not an expert when it comes to SEO, I know a little but I do know $50,000 is a sweet prize. The strategy that made me the global winner of Wix SEO Hero Challenge Last year in November, Wix, [.]Wix, the israel-based diy website company, last year announced an SEO competition with a $50,000 prize to anyone who can beat them at their own SEO game by ranking for the keyword "SEO Hero".To make the stakes high, Wix has put a big sum as the prize money for anyone who beats the DIY website builder service provider in the competition.”Hey dude, you mentioned about the hero in headlines but you keep him in dark room. I am confident that we can overcome this challenge too without snatching the food from anybody’s plate..Alternalive – Seo Hero what is this ? this is a Seo Contest From wix optimize keyword seo hero and win the prize $50000. What is this challenge? We’re going to create a new Wix website optimized for the keyword "SEO Hero". Everyone is invited to create their own website (on any platform.An SEO Hero is an experienced SEO who has been able to bring smart and creative solutions or information to the SEO Community. An SEO Hero can be national or international but in any case, he is always recommended by most of his professional peers, sharing valuable information, tips or advice through social networks, forums, blogs, conferences.SEO HERO. 225 likes. seo hero from zero is a main contender to dominating Wix’s contest for the organic Google search term "seo hero."The WIX SEO Hero Challenge. The WIX SEO Hero Challenge is a throwing of the gauntlet, challenging anyone brave enough to take on a mighty and awesome adventure in search engine optimization.