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This video,, can also be seen at’s harder than being new to the world of online lead generation? realizing there are. In the next 15 minutes, you’ll get a concrete list of 9 channels you can use to generate sales leads online.Q.: Is there any experience with lead embedded in concrete? A lead-sheathed cable is intended to pass through a 10-foot length of concrete slab-on-grade. Will this cause any problems with the concrete? A.: If there are no other metals in the concrete it shouldn’t harm the concrete. As long as the.Metrocrete specializes in contractor lead generation, and did you know we also provide digital marketing, strategic planning and optimized website design services for contractors? Digital Marketing From pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to organic search positioning, we bring results to your company.Job Types We Provide Leads For: Concrete Repair & Maintenance Brick Or Stone Repair Concrete Installation Foundation Installation Footer Installation – Contact us today for jobs in your area. Pay only for leads you receive. Job Types We Provide Leads For: Concrete Repair & Maint.Concrete lead prices typically range from $15 and $70 a piece. The price of the lead will depend on the nature of the job. A lead for a simple driveway repaving, for example, will be less expensive than one for a large commercial construction job. read MORE HERE: Concrete Lead Prices Cheap Concrete Leads If you see a lead generation service.Paving lead generation with Contractor Nation. We provide a risk-free platform for providing paving contractors with exclusive leads. Whether you are looking to grow a certain area of your paving business, or promote a new service, we make sure local customers looking for paving services find you.STOP PAYING FOR BOGUS construction job leads! question? Have you ever joined one of those "Contractor Referral Websites" and paid $40 – $50 & $75 dollars per job lead only to find that when you called the lead that they have already had 7 calls before you?For example, installing a vinyl liner or fiberglass mold instead of gunite concrete will save 20-30%. Clearly this isn’t a one-person job. It’s also not a single-contractor job. If you’re getting a.