standing seam roof

LokSeam is a snap-together standing seam roof system with a 1-3/4" tall vertical rib, for use on roofs with a minimum slope of 3:12. product information. LokSeam panels are available in 12-inch, 16-inch and 18-inch widths. LokSeam panels can be installed over open framing or a solid.Metal roofing can be a quality choice for almost any type of structure. Like many types of roofing there are quality and budget systems on the market with vastly different capabilities. Ultra Seam Metal roofing systems offer a range of premium quality standing seam roof styles that will accommodate most design requirements.standing seam metal roofs continue to be the most popular style followed closely by shingle, shake and tile metal roofs that mimic the style of traditional roofing with added strength and durability..Features & Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing . High Seams – High seam panels have a greater benefit versus a lower seam panel for moisture penetration. Seams also known as ribs are raised to prevent water penetration and help prevent water leakage into the interior, and diverts water down the roof to a drain point.Standing seam for the people. GulfLok is a nailstrip panel, which is a snap-lock, clip-less system. GulfLok is our entry level standing seam panel; the nailstrip design provides slots for fasteners, eliminating the need for clips (and reducing the labor and complexity associated with installation).Many of our customers have contracted new roofs in the past for the simple reason that they really had no other choice. Having to litter your home or business with dozens of buckets to catch water.A Top-Of-The-Line Standing Seam Roof For Your Home. One thing to consider when looking for a standing seam roof is how it will be produced. Portable roll-formers make standing seam roofing easy to produce and many contractors use these field-formed systems.Red River Machinery is the leading provider in sales and service of Used and New sheet metal and steel fabricating machinery, construction equip, welding fabrication, machine shop, water-jet, plasma cutting, punching, tube bending, plate rolling machines in Dallas Fort Worth TX and five state region. We also sell and distribute all over the United States and Canada.